Sometimes it’s mandatory

Field 01

There are many reasons (especially in the case of film photography) that lead me to prefer the black and white as a medium of choice. The main ones are precisely expressive. Eliminating the color variables, in fact, I can concentrate more on composition, I can pay more attention to the volumetric elements, to the alternation between light and shadow, to the almost infinite shades of gray. Probably, the b/w also helps in emphasizing certain elements that we can define as “emotional” of the picture. There are some nostalgic reasons too: many years ago, I began to approach to photography as passionate right through the b/w, developing my own films and printing in the darkroom. There are also practical reasons: to be able, in fact, develop easily (and cheaply) by ourselves is a major plus, to gain time and have more possibilities for action/experimentation to achieve the desired results. Continue reading

Hanami: a praise of slowness


This time I want to tell you a short anecdote. On Easter Monday, early in the morning, I went out to make photographs in the center of Rome. But first I passed the EUR district to admire the cherry blossoms. It was a beautiful day and the light was magnificent. I had with me the little Agfa Isolette III and two rolls of Kodak Tri-x so, just 24 possible shots. As I walked slowly, enjoying the light, the cherry blossoms and thinking about the images I wanted to realize, I noticed another “enthusiast”, equipped with a digital SLR, moving quickly from one point to another, shooting continuously.

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Test Adox CMS 20 developed in Ars Imago FD (Part One)


Unlike my first post of this blog, where I told briefly about one of my first shots of my new analog experience, this time I would like to talk about my latest experiment. A rather reckless one …. I launched into an “unlikely” test with a film and a developer I never used before. So far, you say, there’s nothing so strange. Who has not ever done? Yes, it’s true, but the film was not one of those more or less “standard”. And in addition, has a dedicated developer. And who am I, after just about twenty developed rolls, to do such a test?

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Thirty years after

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Something happened last year.

After more than 10 years of full digital commitment, running around faster and faster and shooting millions of (often completely useful and meaningless) images, simply I couldn’t go on anymore. Until then I would never had thought to use film photography again for the rest of my life.

I was wrong!

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