World Pinhole Day 2017


My humble contribution to World Pinhole Day 2017. This shot was made on a 5″x7″ paper negative on April 30th 2017.

I used for this image my (just at home) 5″x7″ pinhole camera coming from Greece. It’s a very nice and well made one, with a 65mm focal lenght and f/325 aperture. This is the first test shot, made on Ilford Mg IV Glossy as negative paper, then developed in Rollei Rpn. To control paper contrast I used a plastic Yellow Filter and exposed the frame for about 14′. Of course is the first experiment and I plan to make better in the future… 😉


(Versione Italiana)

Il mio modesto contributo al World Pinhole Day 2017.

Immagine realizzata su carta fotografica Ilford Mg IV Glossy e sviluppata con Rollei Rpn. La fotocamera 13×18 cm proviene dalla Grecia ed ha una lunghezza focale di 65mm con apertura f/325. Per controllare il contrasto della carta ho usato un filtro giallo per un’esposizione di 14 min. Era solo il primo test, quindi conto di far meglio in futuro… 😉

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