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È disponibile il nuovo eBook GRATUITO,

scritto in collaborazione con Domenico Cammarano. Prodotto da DC2 Photo Mentoring

Un breve ma completo manuale, che guida il fotografo nella realizzazione di una Serie Fotografica e di un Portfolio. 


The new FREE eBook

written in collaboration with Domenico Cammarano is now avaliable! Produced by DC2Photo Mentoring.

A short but complete manual, which guides the photographer in the realization of a Photographic Series and a Portfolio.

Donato Chirulli’s New Website



Hi to all!

It’s a long time I don’t publish in this Blog, but during our lives not everything always go as it should.

So, I’ve been away from active photography (and mainly from film photography) for a while, but now I’m back!

The first thing I’ve made, has been the new Website. So, please check it and let me know if you like it and the works inside.

Thanks for your attention, people around the world & photography lovers!


Donato Chirulli Photography

CANON EOS 55 QD – IN THE LAND OF HEARTQUAKES (Part Two) – Trix pushed @ 800


As mentioned in the previous post on the Canon 55 Qd, I went back after a year, in some of the places affected by the disastrous earthquake of 2009 in L’Aquila. This time, I used the camera with the 50mm f/1.8 II lens in some locations where the light was very poor. That’s why I had to push the Kodak Trix @ 800 Iso and in spite of that, in some cases, I had to use very slow speeds handheld. The results, however, do not seem despicable at all.

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World Pinhole Day 2017


My humble contribution to World Pinhole Day 2017. This shot was made on a 5″x7″ paper negative on April 30th 2017.

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Canon Eos 55 Qd – In the land of Heartquakes (Part One)


Lately I published very few posts on this blog. For various reasons I didn’t use film during the first months of this year, but I’m going to get it back, so I’m starting here a series of posts where I will talk about two Canon slrs, used with different films and lenses. The Eos 3000n canon has already been known on these “pages”, while today I propose the Eos 55 Qd. Recently, I returned to L’Aquila for the official presentation of the State of Things, the great collective project of documentary and social photography to which I had the honor and the pleasure of attending (I warmly invite you to check it). I have returned to places of suffering that has been going on for nearly 8 years, renewed since last August by the new earthquake swarm that hit the central Apennines.

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Work in Progress – Guess What is this?


All right guys… this is neither a camera, nor a film photograph. But it’s closely related to. It’s a series of electronic ballast for UV lamps. In fact, I’m building an UV Printer for Platinum/Palladium (and other old techniques) contact printing. Stay Tuned…! 😉

Praktica again…. but with Pentacon 29mm


Ok guys, I am back again. The beginning of the new year was a bit ‘busy and for various reasons, I have not posted anything during  January. This does not mean that I have not continued to take pictures, of course. 😉 Before moving on to other cameras and lenses, however, I wanted to finish the series of “experiments” with the Praktica. This time, on Mtl5B I mounted a Pentacon 29mm f / 2.8.

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