Diggin’ in the Past (2): 1996 Air Show


Another box of slides emerges from the past …. Nothing more than a memory, since I was photographing the Air Show of 1996 with completely unsuitable gears: namely with a compact Olympus mju zoom (35- 70 mm). In my partial excuse is the fact that I did not know there was the air show, but I was just doing a walk to the sea …. 😉

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Sometimes it’s mandatory

Field 01

There are many reasons (especially in the case of film photography) that lead me to prefer the black and white as a medium of choice. The main ones are precisely expressive. Eliminating the color variables, in fact, I can concentrate more on composition, I can pay more attention to the volumetric elements, to the alternation between light and shadow, to the almost infinite shades of gray. Probably, the b/w also helps in emphasizing certain elements that we can define as “emotional” of the picture. There are some nostalgic reasons too: many years ago, I began to approach to photography as passionate right through the b/w, developing my own films and printing in the darkroom. There are also practical reasons: to be able, in fact, develop easily (and cheaply) by ourselves is a major plus, to gain time and have more possibilities for action/experimentation to achieve the desired results. Continue reading